Three Ways to Increase your Chances of Getting Approved for a Home Loan

A home loan can be a necessity for many people; however, getting approved of this loan can be tricky. That is why you have to educate yourself about all aspects of the loan to increase your chances of getting approved.    

Purchasing a home is already stressful and your anxiety can heighten if you are not prepared. You don’t have to put yourself into this situation. Read on to know how to get your mortgage application approved:

Ensure you Have a Good Credit Score

Pulling your credit report is fairly easy. It is important to review your credit history and score before you submit a house loan application. You want to ensure you have a high score to qualify. A lot of lenders require a minimum credit score of 680 and if your score falls below this, your application could be denied.

Apart from having a good credit score, you want to eliminate histories of missed payments, frequently delayed payments, and other derogatory credit information to get your loan approved. Make sure you pay your bills on time, reduce your debts, and stay on top of your credit report.

Save Up for a Down Payment

Requirements to get home loans usually change and if you want to take out a home loan sooner or later you need to have some money for the down payment. The majority of lenders will require you to have a 20% down payment on a home. Otherwise, your application could be rejected.

But, the minimum amount for down payments varies depending on different factors like the kind of loan and the lender. Lenders have their own criteria for down payments. A 20% down payment will lower your mortgage balance and alleviate private mortgage insurance (PMI). This insurance is attached to homes without 20% equity and paying this insurance increases your monthly payment.

Have a Stable Job

Lenders will only approve your loan if you have a steady source of income. Sticking with your employer while you go through the home-buying process is vital. The mortgage process will stop should there be any changes to your income status and employment. Lenders will approve your loan application based on the information you provide in your application. Switching jobs could eliminate your chances of getting approved for a home loan. Lenders will need to re-assess your finances to determine if you are still qualified to apply for the loan.

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