A Basic Guide To Working With Customs Brokers In Canada!

If you plan to launch a business that deals in cross-border trade, it is highly important that you evaluate the importing and exporting regulations. Canada is very stringent with its laws, regulatory compliance and other requirements, and in case of omissions and errors, associated fines, penalties and consequences can be severe. Working with a Customs broker like Clearit Canada might be the answer to your concerns and immediate requirements. Here’s more on what you need to know.

The role of Customs brokers

Customs brokers, for the uninitiated, help clients, including businesses and individuals, in Customs clearance. All brokers operating in Canada must obtain their license from Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA). Before you ask, hiring a Customs broker is not mandatory under any law. Yet, companies engaged in cross-border and international trade rely on these services from time to time. This is primarily because import regulations and rules change with time, and keeping up with these changes is not easy. Add to that, the tariffs, taxes, and duties must be calculated and paid correctly and as per the requirements, so as to avoid penalties and other issues.

A Customs broker helps clients in simplifying imports, and there are many services around. As in any industry, just because you have found a service doesn’t mean that it is the best in business. It is always wise to do some initial research before selecting a Customs broker.

Check the basic aspects

Start by evaluating the work of the Customs broker and the services they provide. For example, many Customs brokers also offer consultation for businesses and work as extended wings of clients for advice on international trade and trade agreements. You also need to check the reputation of the company and what other clients have to say about a particular service. Testimonials are a great way to evaluate their work, and you can also ask for references. Since you may need a Customs broker time and again, it is also necessary to select a service that’s available around the clock and can deal with all kinds of shipments. A considerable part of their work is often done online, so find more on how they manage the process.

Final word

Working with a Customs broker ensures that your business stays compliant and in sync with import rules. The price paid for such services is always worth considering, given that they mitigate many risks along the way.

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